MAPS Psychedelic Conference, Denver, June 2023

In June 2023 we were at the worlds largest MAPS psychedelic conference in Denver, Colorado, USA, with 13.000 participants. We started with a big Grof ® Breathwork workshop with 240 people. This was a wonderful experience filled with love!. We are very grateful to Our friends Diane Haug and Jay Dufrechou, their great team and to all our wonderful international facilitators.

The opening of the conference was amazing. Rick Doblin has made a huge contribution to the worldwide psychedelic renaissance. It was very moving to see the love and gratitude that people have for Stan and his work that has changed so many lives.
We had a beautiful panel introducing our Grof® Legacy Training and later the  booksigning at Synergetic Press  attracted a huge amount of people who were very grateful to meet Stan in person.
What an amazing gathering!