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Psychonaut Book and Film Launch San Francisco August 2019

The Way of the Psychonaut: Encyclopedia for Inner Journeys: vol I.

Stanislav Grof, M.D., PhD.

The Way of the Psychonaut is one of the most important books ever written about the human psyche and the spiritual quest. The new insights were made possible thanks to Albert Hofmann’s discovery of LSD—the microscope and telescope of the human psyche. This comprehensive work is a tour de force through the worlds of psychology and psychotherapy, Holotropic Breathwork, maps of the psyche, birth, sex, and death, psychospiritual rebirth, the roots of trauma, spiritual emergency and transpersonal experiences, karma and reincarnation, higher creativity, great art, and archetypes.

As one of the fathers of psychedelic-assisted psychotherapy. Its most experienced practitioner, and deeply deserving of a Nobel Prize in medicine in these two volumes Grof has successfully unveiled a new and sweeping paradigm in self-exploration and healing. The vast and practical knowledge in this book is sure to be an invaluable and treasured resource for all serious searchers. Renn Butler


The Way of the Psychonaut: Encyclopedia for Inner Journeys: vol II.

Stanislav Grof, M.D., PhD.

What is the meaning of life and death? How does birth trauma influence our experience of life? Do other realms of experience beyond our waking “dream” exist? Why do we need to know them in order to alleviate our personal and collective suffering? How does humanity heal itself from its self-inflicted trauma?

How do we overcome our fear of death? What is our true nature beyond the experience of mind body and universe?

Stan Grof is a giant amongst us and we are fortunate to stand on his shoulders. To call him the Einstein of consciousness would be an understatement.

I am deeply personally indebted to him for leading the way.

Future generations will forever acknowledge him for helping us wake up from our collective hypnosis that we call everyday reality.

I stayed up all night to read Stan Grof ’s magnificent magnum opus.”

Deepak Chopra, M.D.